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Medical Qigong - Qigong Energy Healing Training - Brennan Healers Florida - 3 Treasures Healing - Ne
Providing qigong and qigong energy healing training in various places in the United States, mainly Florida and New York. I have studied extensively with Jerry Alan Johnson and also with Bernard Shannon, the current director of the International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ). Lisa is a Core Energetics Therapist, Donna Eden graduate, and Clairvision pract

This blog is a creative and personal expression of a spiritual journey in a contemporary world. Experiences of vision and devotion express through magnificent

Andrea Haas | Home
Andrea Haas, Holistic Sex Therapist in Sydney, specializes in sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful sex, sexual desire and libido.

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Third Eye Meditation and IST Therapy Tracy Hartway Third Eye Meditation Classes in Los Angeles and IST Therapy. Clairvision Meditation Los Angeles

Space Clearing nach Karen Kingston
Spaceclearing energetische Raumreinigung nach Lehrerin Karen Kingston, Space Clearing,Space Clearing vor Ort,,Impulse fuer verbesserte Wohn- und Lebensqualität,Spiritualität im Alltag,Energiefeld Korrekturen,Physik,Quantenphysik,Chinesische Quanten Methode, Hypervoyager, Gabriele Eckert,Spaceclearing,Kingston,Karen,Spaceclearing,SpaceCle

Theresa Montoya - Home
Inner Space Techniques (IST) practitioner, entity clearer and third eye meditation instructor in New York City. Sees clients privately and can teach groups the Awakening the Third Eye meditation and vision technique.

Bryce Montgomery - Inner Space Techniques- Berkeley, CA
Inner Space Techniques are an alternative therapeutic modality designed with the meditator and spiritual seeker in mind.

Danielle Kerr-Wilson
Spiritual Healing and Self Development. Alchemical changes and work with the Divine.